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Precautions for outdoor storage of insulation materials
2019-03-13 11:24:35       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 With the continuous development of the insulation industry, the construction fire incident caused by insulation materials has been continuous in recent years, and the safety of insulation materials has been questioned. In fact, there are two main reasons for the fire caused by insulation materials. One is that the insulation material itself is flammable material, and the other is that there is no reasonable storage and supervision conditions at the construction site.

When the insulation material is stacked in the open air, the yard should meet the following requirements:

1. The surrounding of the stacking yard shall be surrounded by non-combustible materials;

2. The dumping site shall be a fire-extinguishing area, and there shall be no open fire operation within 10m of the surrounding area and there shall be a distinctive sign;
3. Do not place flammable or explosive materials near the stacking site;

4. The stacking yard should be equipped with appropriate fire extinguishers, sand boxes or other fire extinguishing appliances;

5. The storage capacity of the insulation materials in the stacking site should not exceed 3 days of engineering requirements, and should be completely covered with non-combustible materials.

In addition, the height of the insulation material stacking is also limited. If the height is too high, the weight will increase, and the insulation material of the bottom layer is easily damaged, and it is easy to tilt down, posing a threat to personnel safety.