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Essentials of construction and storage of aerogel insulation blanket
2019-07-18 17:26:01       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

 In order to ensure that the aerogel insulation felt has excellent water resistance and heat preservation, and extend its service life, in the process of construction and storage, the following aspects should be noted:

1. Before the construction of aerogel insulation blanket, the condition of the construction site should be checked to avoid the aerogel insulation felt being stained.
2. The surface of the aerogel insulation blanket should be kept clean to ensure excellent light transmission and gas permeability.
3. When the upper and lower ends of the aerogel insulation blanket are fixed, they should be neat and tidy together to ensure that the aerogel insulation felt is neatly tidy during winding and the coil body is tight.
4. After snowing in winter, the snow on the gas gel insulation blanket should be cleaned in time. If the shed felt is frozen, wait for the ice to melt, then store the aerogel insulation felt to avoid damage to the aerogel insulation felt.
5. When the aerogel insulation blanket is not in construction, it should be transported to the storage point in time. After it is fixed, it should be covered with plastic cloth, which is easy to protect and can be used for a long time.