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Application and Innovation in Industries of Supercritical Drying Aerogel
2018-01-12 16:39:19       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Application and Innovation in Industries of Supercritical Drying Aerogel

Supercritical drying aerogel Material Application:
(A) Supercritical drying aerogel in petrochemical applications It is reported that one of the key needs of operators in the exploitation of subsea fields and gas fields is the ability to deliver unprocessed hydrocarbons, which are often exposed to high temperatures and pressures, The delivery distance is also getting longer and longer. Without sufficient thermal insulation, these hydrocarbons will cool down and generate hydrates or waxes, eventually blocking the flowline, creating significant costs for operators, and the superior thermal insulation properties of aerogel can be a good solution to this problem .
(B) Application of supercritical drying aerogel on ships With the rapid development of ocean shipping, the development of offshore oilfields, the accompanying offshore drilling platforms, oil tankers, LNG carriers and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers, . These special ships put forward higher requirements for thermal insulation and fire separation, and also become a new platform for the application of aerogel materials.
(C) The application of supercritical drying aerogel in the construction Aerogel excellent insulation properties so that he can in the building insulation has a very strong potential, relative to the current use of polystyrene foam aerogels not only better insulation, And can not burn, can effectively prevent the occurrence of the fire. Aerogelanti-aging properties are also very good, you can guarantee the outer body 30 years without aging. At present, the cost of aerogels is relatively high. In the future, the process will be more optimized and the cost will drop. Therefore, it is bound to be applied in a large amount in building insulation. At the same time because of the air permeability of aerogel, it can be used to make translucent roof.
(D) Supercritical drying aerogel in aerospace applications At present, the aerogel has aerospace insulation in places where the need for extensive use. One of them is the use of aerospace thermal batteries, the use of aerogel insulation material as a perfect solution to the aerospace thermal battery high performance requirements, the following figure is a thermal battery insulation aerogel Plastic material.

(E) Supercritical drying aerogel in other applications Aerogels excellent thermal insulation properties make him in the electrochemical, clothing, new energy sources, such as catalyst also has very strong potential applications. Since the pores of the aerogel are all nanoscale, their specific surface area is large, which makes them more adsorptive and can be used as a support for the catalyst. Because of their adsorptivity and their extremely low density, they can also be used for hydrogen storage ; His good insulation can be used to make clothing, just a very thin layer can achieve good insulation effect.
As a thermal insulation material, can be used for thermal protection of supersonic aircraft, armored vehicles, ships and other high-power engine insulation, industrial high-temperature furnace insulation and high efficiency thermal battery, green intelligent building insulation, etc .; as a fire separation material, In large ships, high-rise buildings in the fire doors, fire bulkheads manufacturing; can be used for special clothing (winter clothes, fire service, bullet-proof vests) manufacturing, noise insulation materials, catalyst carriers.

Supercritical drying aerogel Innovation:
The disadvantages of Supercritical drying SiO2 aerogel, such as low strength and poor toughness, limit the development and application of Supercritical dryingSiO2 aerogels. Therefore, the mechanism of the influence of process parameters on the structure and mechanical properties of aerogels was studied. A uniform structure of aerogels was prepared by controlling the process parameters and the mechanical properties of SiO2 aerogels were further improved by using appropriate composites. Hope to obtain a stable structure and good toughness of the SiO2 aerogel material. It can be predicted that with the improvement of the mechanical properties of SiO2 aerogels, SiO2 aerogels with unique properties will be more widely used in the fields of thermal, acoustics, optics and electricity.