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Supercritical Aerogel : The World's Best Waterproof and Anti-CUI Thermal Insulation Material
2018-01-17 17:45:54       From: Tradematt-Aerogel
Tradematt Revolutionary Advantages of Supercritical Aerogel - Best Waterproof and Breathable Performance:
By stopping the infiltration of liquid water while allowing the passage of water vapor, Tradematt's supercritical aerogel insulation blanket can be uniquely applied to the old, damp, heat-insulated structure to prevent the insulation tube from wearing a "wet jacket".
Supercritical aerogel surface 40 nm to prevent the entry of water but to allow water vapor overflow, aerogel waterproof ability to maintain more than a decade

Up to 300 degrees Celsius above the "waterproof critical temperature"

The insulation properties of the insulation will decrease sharply above a certain critical temperature. The conclusion is that most of the traditional insulation materials (including waterproof rockwool, etc.), because of the use of chemically synthetic waterproof coating decomposition or failure at the critical temperature, resulting in the waterproof properties of the carrier temperature exceeds the critical temperature quickly Failure. The critical temperature of these materials is only 160 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius.
Supercritical aerogels show an absolute advantage during the experiment, with critical temperatures up to 300 ° C and 20-year water repellency.

American Society for Corrosion Engineering CUI test comparison report
International professional organizations to prevent CUI insulation materials for a period of 84 days of professional testing, supercritical aerogels show an amazing ability to prevent CUI.

Supercritical aerogels show an "incredible" effect on the results of the Shell Oil Independent CUI test
Rock wool
Rock wool absorbs water and retains the water, causing wet insulation to be in direct contact with the surface of the pipe. Prevent water from entering is not ideal.
Foam glass
Water (+ chloride) easily goes in from its fragile, cracked place; preventing water from entering is not ideal.

Tradematt supercritical aerogel insulation blanket
Pipe surface did not see any rust corrosion. The very dry pipe surface proves the water resistance of the supercritical aerogel, preventing liquid water from entering while allowing water vapor to pass through. This prevents water from entering the insulation, thereby preventing rusting and corrosion on the pipe surface. Its effect beyond imagination.

To prevent rusting on uncoated surfaces, insulating materials such as rockwool retain water when in contact with water, so these insulating materials should not be in direct contact with the pipe surface. Tradematt Supercritical Aerogel: the world's waterproof, anti-CUI performance of the best insulation materials