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Tradematt Supercritical Aerogel Blanket --- High-temperature,Flexible Thermal Insulation Blanket
2018-01-19 13:38:46       From: Tradematt-Aerogel

Tradematt Supercritical Aerogel Blanket - High-temperature, flexible thermal insulation blanket

Tradematt supercritical aerogel insulation blanket Product details:

Tradematt supercritical aerogel insulation blanket is a high temperature thermal insulation blanket, aerogel and ultrafine glass fiber combination of effective combination.
Aerogel is the lowest thermal conductivity of all known solid materials. Tradematt Supercritical Aerogel Blanket has industry-leading thermal insulation properties and is a flexible, flexible, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use material .

Tradematt Supercritical Aerogel Blankets are ideal insulation materials for pipes, containers, tanks and equipment. They are the essential materials for optimal thermal insulation and provide the best insulation with minimal materials.
Tradematt supercritical aerogel insulation blanket excellent features:

Excellent thermal insulation performance: thermal performance up to 5 times the traditional competitive materials or more.

Reduce the thickness and quantity of insulation materials: equivalent insulation, only 1/2 to 1/8 of the thickness.

Reduce installation time and labor: Easily cut materials and installations based on complex shapes, curvatures and space constraints.

Robust and durable: The material is pliable and flexible, and retains its ability to retain heat up to 100 psi.

Reduced transportation and warehousing costs: Reduced material usage, higher packing density and lower scrap rates can reduce the logistics costs of a project, saving up to five times more on projects using rigid prefabricated insulation.

Warehousing Simplification: Unlike rigid prefabricated sleeving or insulation boards, roll-shaped Aspen supercritical aerogel P-type insulation blankets meet all shapes or design needs.

Waterproof at the same time breathable: Tradematt supercritical aerogel insulation blanket to prevent the passage of liquid water, while allowing water vapor through, this can prevent corrosion under insulation problems.

Environmentally friendly: Can be buried by soil treatment, lead-free, non-inhalable fibers, the human skin is also no stimulating effect.

Tradematt supercritical aerogel insulation blanket Applications:
Tradematt supercritical aerogel insulation blanket is widely used in high temperature pipes and equipment, pipe towers, tanks, cooling water systems, low temperature and high temperature systems and fire protection.